Younique Coach Certification


A Coach is certified to take individuals through The Younique Experience in their local organization.

Training Process Steps:

  1. Go through the 4-Day Accelerator & 90-Day Launch We lead out of the breakthrough of our personal experience. So we start with you experiencing personal breakthrough.
  2. Register for Certification. The cost is $1000 and it pays for all of your Certification training.
  3. Coach Training Cohort: “See it, Try it, Tie it” You will participate in a twice-a-month online training cohort led by one of our Multiplying Trainers. You recruit 4 people to lead through the 6-month Younique Experience. In real time, you receive training to deliver a session and then lead your cohort through the session. The cohort offers engaging collaboration for preparation, debriefing your experience, coaching from our best trainers, and then instruction on what is to come.
  4. Re-certification is required every two years through an engaging, virtual 2-Hour webinar. Re-certification fee is $195 and is waived for organizations ordering a minimum of 50 Younique Participant Kits per year.

**Please Note: Certified Younique Coaches are now able to continue their leadership development and enter training to become Master Trainers . 

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    Welcome to the Younique family of coaches and trainers! Our desire is to unleash a movement of God’s people living on mission for God’s glory. Younique Coach Certification gives you the training and support necessary to lead others through the Younique Experience. You will be connected to a Master Trainer who will guide you through the certification process.