All-Church Campaign Kit


The 20/20 Vision for Life all-church campaign is designed to introduce your entire church to the principles of gospel-centered life design. Your congregation will be energized and mobilized to live out their unique calling.




    Everyone is created with unique potential and placed by God on planet Earth for a specific purpose. But most people never find out what it is.

    The 20/20 Vision for Life 6-week campaign will help every person in your congregation to get a clear view into the true nature of their calling.

    Imagine what would happen if every person in your church discovered their special calling from God. Imagine the momentum that would be created toward your mission and vision when hundreds of people are mobilized to live out the unique dream God has for their life.

    What’s Included? 

    • 6 Sermon Outlines and weekly small group study questions
    • Younique – the book by Will Mancini
    • Younique Primer – a 6 week introduction to gospel-centered life design
    • Promotional materials and videos
    You can lead your church through this 6-week campaign, igniting the special calling of every person.

    Additional information

    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 12 × 3 × 9 in