Pivvot offers a tool-based, interactive onsite consulting process to guide local church leaders to reshape their day-to-day ministry to multiply the number of disciples of Jesus they’re releasing into the world.

Too many churches are trying to reach today’s culture using yesterday’s methods. The world has changed significantly and previous methods for making true disciples of Jesus aren’t as effective as they’ve been in the past. The answer will not be found in cookie-cutter solutions, but through embracing a new framework for designing local church ministry. Pivvot delivers a one-of-a-kind ministry design process where local church leaders develop their own plan to move beyond simply adding attenders to consistently multiplying disciples.

The Pivvot Funnel Fusion Process is delivered through …

• an 8-12 month interactive consulting experience

• a mix of virtual coaching and in-person collaboration

What Church Leaders Are Saying

“After decades of growing a very large church using best practices, we engaged the Pivvot team to create a visionary plan based on our unique strengths. The results have been tremendous for me as a leader, for our staff team collectively and for each member; our mission has really moved from “what the church does” to “what each member lives.”


An Introduction to Pivvot

Introduce your team to the Pivvot paradigm-shifting process with a Future Church One Day. By the end of the day, you’ll understand the 7 laws of real church growth and you’ll have made an initial plan for how your church can begin to pivot toward a fresh strategy.