Multiply disciples like never before.

Understand and implement the 7 laws of real church growth.

Get the visual guide to Future Church, the book by Will Mancini and Cory Hartman.

Are you making disciples?

Or faking disciples?

If you’ve given your life to share Jesus’ message, you started your ministry by his call:

  • “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.”

But while managing ministry machinery, many North American churches have traded the Great Commission for a lesser goal:

  • “Go into all the world and make worship attenders
  • baptizing them in the name of small groups
  • and teaching them to volunteer a few hours a month.”

This isn’t why you decided to answer his call.

You want to see lives transformed—people living their faith 24/7.

So do we.

Future Church will help you reorient around Jesus’ disciple-making strategy.

In this 45-page visual guide to the book Future Church by Will Mancini and Cory Hartman, you’ll see how to:

  • Break free from the twentieth-century paradigms that hold churches back
  • Reorient your church around the mission Jesus started
  • Learn how Jesus multiplied disciples by investing differently in “learners” and “goers”

You can fall in love with ministry again. You can place Jesus’ command back at the center of your church.

Recenter your church around the gospel and retool your church for genuine growth.

Here’s what people are saying about
Future Church

Will Mancini is one of the leaders I learn from and a thinker whose insights I trust. Smart leaders will dive into what Will has to say about the future church.

Carey Nieuwhof, Pastor, Podcaster, Author

Future Church is a masterclass in Real Church. Don’t read this for ideas, insights, and initiatives that last a day or a week. Enroll your mind in this book for thought dn tasks that linger and lead for a lifetime.

Leonard Sweet, Best-selling Author, Preacher, and Educator

If you want know what the future of the church is going to look like, read this book. Will is not only one of the most future-minded leaders I know, he’s also deeply informed about past and present church practice.

Daniel Im, Pastor, Author, Podcaster

Are we truly making disciples or just entertaining followers? Future Church is an essential read for every church leader who is committed to defining real growth in a new era of ministry leadership.

Jenni Catron, Writer, Speaker, and Leadership Experty

In this visual guide, you’ll see:

  • What connects people to your church and how it can hinder discipleship
  • The three kinds of churches over the next 20 years
  • The unacknowledged assumptions that influence your church
  • Seven universal principles of real church growth
  • Four ingredients of a process that genuinely develops people
  • How to shift the basis of leadership from celebrity to authority
  • Three elements that energize people’s kingdom imagination
  • Three principles of Jesus’ disciple-making strategy
  • How to renew your church’s disciple-making mission