Denominee offers a tool-based, interactive onsite consulting process specifically developed to guide network & denominational leaders to design fresh strategies for delivering greater value to the churches they serve.

Denominee delivers a tailored breakthrough process based on the age, scope, and complexity of each church network or denomination. The Denominee toolbox has been specifically developed for denominations, networks, and multichurch families. It leverages the power of a few time-tested vision design tools while simultaneously challenging leaders to engage with fresh tools that cause them to shift their paradigms and embrace the reality of today’s world. By the end of the process, leaders have designed a new operating system that will guide them into the future.

The Denominee Process is delivered through …

• a 12-month interactive consulting experience 

• a mix of virtual coaching and in-person collaboration

What Denominational Leaders Are Saying

“Will Mancini is leading my colleagues and me on an adventure of discovery, exploring our denomination’s deep identity and current calling. Along the path, we have uncovered parts of our story that we’re not proud of, but Will’s gifts and skill help us to laugh where we can and dream together of recapturing the dynamism and daring that will honor God. Denominee’s approach blends spiritual sensitivity with professional expertise, based on a wide range of resources. We’re loving the journey!” 


An Introduction to Denominee

Introduce your leaders to the Denominee Next Step Operating System with the Next Step OS One Day workshop. By the end of the day, you will begin to reimagine how you can bring value to the churches in your network and ignite real church growth. This introductory workshop provides a training experience on The Cloud and The Box tool, setting the stage for a new way of convening and edifying your leadership.