We had a fantastic time together
January 5-7, 2022 in Atlanta, GA.

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Here’s what people are saying about Future Church Co.

After decades of growing a very large church using best practices, we engaged Will Mancini and his team to create a visionary plan based on our unique strengths. The results have been tremendous for me as a leader, for our staff team collectively and for each member; our mission has really moved from ‘what the church does’ to ‘what each member lives.’

Ken Whitten, Senior Pastor
Idlewild Baptist Church

Will Mancini is leading my colleagues and me on an adventure of discovery, exploring our denomination’s deep identity and current calling. Along the path, we have uncovered parts of our story that we’re not proud of, but Will’s gifts and skill help us to laugh where we can and dream together of recapturing the dynamism and daring that will honor God. Denominee’s approach blends spiritual sensitivity with professional expertise, based on a wide range of resources. We’re loving the journey!

Linda Adams, Bishop
Free Methodist Church

It’s a joy just to watch how individuals are all walking this journey of spiritual formation and being formed more into the image of Christ. And to know that Elizabeth Baptist Church has had some degree or a part to play in that process is the greatest joy. Future Church is helping our ministry to mobilize us towards making more disciples.

Dr. Craig Oliver, Lead Pastor
Elizabeth Baptist Church

To see people know and name their life’s calling from God is a privilege unparalleled and a force being released that will change the world.

Joshua Toepper,
Grace Fellowship

Which days are right for you?

Choose from 1, 2, or all 3 days


Strategic planning for networks, denominations, and multi churches with Denominee

  • Rediscover the ultimate purpose of every network or denomination.
  • Understand the 3 types of value every church needs from its network or denomination.
  • Learn to use 7 key lenses to flash-assess any church that you oversee.


Paradigm-shifting tools for church leaders at all levels with Pivvot.

  • Recenter the emotional connection people have with your church around your church’s unique purpose.
  • Funnel Fusion: The gold-standard funnel process post-Covid; it helps churches move from an “assimilation model” to creating full-time disciples.
  • Discover how to move people from spectators to active participants in the mission of your church.
  • Alumni: Learn digital discipleship with Jay Kranda, the online pastor of one of America’s leading churches.


Disciple-making processes so you can empower people to live their calling with Younique.

  • Identify and articulate the One Thing you were created to do through analyzing your unique passion, abilities, and ideal context.
  • Learn the power of a life of lived on mission with God and how the things that give you a deep sense of accomplishment guide you toward living with freedom everyday.
  • Discover how God has used important events in your life to prepare you to make a difference in the world that is directly connected to your story.
  • Engage in a process of reflection, brain-storming, and refining to articulate your One Thing in just two words.

What is the Collective?

The Future Church collective is a three-day, tool-based, collaborative workshop where church leaders at every level can spend time designing the future according to their movement’s God-ordained calling.

This is not “copy and paste” ministry advice. Instead, we’ll train you to use our tools to reveal your unique vision and strategies for the future.

No keynotes. No vendors. Let’s get to work on designing your better future together.