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We believe every facet of the church—individual followers of Jesus, local church pastors, and denominational/network leaders—should more closely embody the movement Jesus started. Future Church Co. is three interconnected organizations that provide practical tools and collaborative processes to guide you in forging the future of the Jesus movement right where you live.

The paradigm for church we’ve embraced—that has arisen as a result of the last 40 years of church history in North America—is perfectly designed to produce the limited results we’re getting. We can do better.


The Power is in the Tools


Too many consultants and organizations serving the church today deliver off-the-shelf strategies that are fully cooked before they walk in the door. We never do that. We don’t bring cookie-cutter strategies or products, we provide practical tools to guide you (and your team) to design solutions that will work in your specific context.

By using this approach, you literally design your future in the process, arriving at solutions that create buy-in and have built-in alignment because they were developed specifically for you.

Our toolbox contains a few time-tested vision design tools while simultaneously challenging you to engage with fresh tools that will cause you to shift your paradigm and embrace the new reality we are facing in today’s world.

Future Church Co. is three interconnected organizations that help the church embody the movement that Jesus founded.


God designed each person for a specific purpose. Younique is the only gospel-centered life plan experience that’s simple enough for every follower of Jesus to access and understand and yet powerful enough to change the way people live every day.


God designed the local church to make disciples of Jesus. Pivvot guides local church leaders and their teams through a paradigm shift to design processes and strategies that multiply disciples of Jesus, instead of adding more attenders of programs.


God designed His church as a network of local churches. Denominee guides leaders of denominations, networks, and multi church families through a process to bring increased value to churches they serve by developing a whole new method of operating.

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The culture has changed.
How are you reshaping your ministry for a mid- and post-COVID reality? The pace of change has accelerated—are you adapting to the future or attempting to return to the past?
Innovation is required.
Widely embraced methods of discipleship aren’t as effective as they have been in the past. We need something more than a program … we need a new paradigm for being the church.
Change is difficult.
The level of change needed in every facet of the church will require intentionality, commitment, and courage. Will you embrace the future? Or are you content with your current results?
Actual tools are scarce.
You need a framework within which you can forge a new reality that fits your specific context, not an off-the-shelf curriculum. We deliver tools that empower you to shape custom solutions.

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