The Future Church Co. was founded in 2020 by Kelly Kannwischer, Dave Rhodes, and Will Mancini. We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve the church in empowering followers of Jesus to maximize their God-given potential and develop God-inspired plans for the future.

While we are still committed to these things, Future Church Co. will be closing as of the end of June 2022. Will Mancini, one of our co-founders, has resigned. And the ministry, as it was formed, is not tenable in its current state. We continue to pray for Will and his family and we are moving forward with hope for the future, but it will not be what we had planned or intended when we founded Future Church Co.

The processes of Pivvot (Funnel Fusion), Younique, and Denominee will continue to be delivered by coaches and trainers that have been a part of our core or extended teams. They just will not be delivering these processes under the Future Church Co. banner. Each one of us on the team will be shifting to other opportunities and we will continue to be available to serve church and ministry leaders at every level. Please find our contact info below to stay in touch.

We choose to see this current difficulty not as an end but as a new beginning.

Grace and peace –
Kelly Kannwischer & Dave Rhodes


Kelly will continue investing in leaders and teams as a Certified Coach, Insights Discovery practitioner (insights.com), and organizational consultant. Kelly also specializes in supporting healthy and effective boards through consultation, board development and retreat facilitation. Kelly can provide 1:1 coaching, team development experiences, and ongoing organizational leadership consulting.


Dave will continue to guide church leaders and teams through processes to help them understand and articulate their God-given potential and make God-inspired plans to live it out. Dave is available for 1:1 coaching with pastors and other church leaders, facilitating church strategy development processes, and delivering compelling communication that fosters deep transformation.


Chris is looking forward to continuing his work with local networks/associations across the country, guiding them to greater kingdom effectiveness. There are far too many communities in need of a synergistic gospel work in their context comprised of churches serving together; local networks/associations are the answer to that vital need. He will continue helping bring greater clarity and continuity to these essential teams, drawing on his years of experience in local church and network leadership.


Jessie will be continuing to serve the body of Christ as a neuro-ecclesiologist through consulting—equipping lay-leaders as disciple-makers, nurturing team development, and leveraging organizational psychology to produce healthy churches. Through biblical praxis and an understanding of human development, we can create organizations that better facilitate discipleship. Jessie will also be learning how to develop the next generation of church planters and disciple-makers.


Cory has collaboratively written multiple books on church leadership, including Future Church: Seven Laws of Real Church Growth, and co-designed consulting and training processes with the Future Church Co. He previously served for 13 years as a pastor. His 2015 DMin thesis (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) was on 19th-century educator, revivalist, publisher, and abolitionist Mansfield French, entitled “The Useful Life of Mansfield French: A Model of Multivocational Ministry.”


Caleb’s life call is to motivate people to be courageous: one moment at a time. He aspires to raise up a generation of Christ-like leaders who have a clear sense of direction and calling that live bold, courageous, wholehearted, integrated, intentional lives. He is available for 1:1 retreats, team development experiences, and local church consulting.


Tessy is a detail-oriented, team-focused administrative professional who has thrived in a supportive role supporting executives and teams in both corporate and ministry settings, for more than thirty years. She plans to follow God’s lead for her next chapter in the workplace where she can continue her calling by “shaping solutions.”


Shane will continue to live out his calling to help individuals and teams actualize their dreams for tomorrow by courageously aligning their next steps today. Shane is available for training, coaching, and consulting in the areas of personal calling, building disciple-making cultures, visionary planning, and network design.


Steve works with leaders to bridge the gap between strategy and execution so their organizations can reach new heights. He’s got 20+ years experience as a marketing and brand manager leading cross-functional teams. Effective strategy, compelling messaging, overall tech savvy, and just getting things done are at the heart of who Steve is. Plus … Dad jokes.